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Shop Our Official Weekly Ad For The Best Deals At Best Buy® One Year Of One Camera One Lens Posted by mgadams1970 02/06/2021 Posted in General Tags: Adams , Celebration , Contribute , Fujifilm , Future , Mark , OneCameraOneLens , Photography , Website I'd like to thank everyone for visiting One Camera One Lens, and I'm just going to share with you a brief story of how it started, how it's gone and. A surprising number of photographers actually performed that exercise—they used one Leica with one lens for one year, and shot nothing but B&W film. I've heard from at least 60 people who have done it. From time to time I still hear from someone who has just completed their year. I think there was even a Flickr group

It requires using just One Camera and One Lens for One Year. Photographer Mike Johnston suggested this concept in a blog post on The Online Photographer back in November 2014. He challenged.. I know that there have been many projects stylized with the concept of One Lens, One Camera and One Year and to be honest I think I may have seen an online article by Jon Hill and others like it while perusing the interweb that may have motivated me to go with a compact mirrorless camera and begin a project of my own For one whole year, shoot with 1 camera, 1 fixed focal length lens and 1 type of black and white film. Shoot a minimum of 2 rolls each week. Develop the rolls and make contact prints or scans and edit each roll down to the best 1 or 2 photos. Make prints of the selected photos Whether you shoot film or digital, you might choose one camera and one lens (maybe not your favorite) and shoot for a month to three months. You could also choose to stick with a particular aperture. See what you can create from it. How it helps you evolve

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OCOLOY stands for one camera, one lens, one year. The original concept was set out my Mike Johnston of The Online Photographer : A Leica Barnack camera and lens, one roll of B&W film per week developed at Costco (for US participants) for one year In the year 2020, I was part of a photography project where I shot one camera, my Holga 120 CFN, for an entire year . Each month, I would photograph a theme, pick one of the photos, and share it with the community. It was mostly a great time. A camera as primitive as a Holga can help encourag One frame of the roll shared by 28 photographers: Leonie Keogh's fascinating essay into the world of taxidermy. Over a year ago I wrote about a reader's OCOLOY experiment — one camera, one lens, one year. Here is a link to the article which was inspired by Stephen Jenner's year-long crusade with the one outfit. In response to this. I just hit 4 months of my one camera one lens one year challenge and decided to do a reflection and writeup.I was previously in love with the X-T2 for a few years but once the V came out, I realized there was finally a weather-sealed compact option that wasn't a $5K Leica Q2 or M43 camera Something fishy about the weather! New Year's Day in Co. Leitrim. (1/1000 sec, f5.6, ISO 400 - deliberately underexposed to silhouette it against the moody sky). I am finding myself increasingly comfortable with using just the one 35mm (52mm equivalent) lens

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By using one camera, one lens and one film I can simplify my workflow so I can be out in any environment and do one thing - make pictures. This is how I apply myself every day, on the longest-term project any of us can work on: the everyday documentation of our lives. However sometimes chapters of life lend themselves to closer scrutiny, and. Being accustomed to having with me a real armada of cameras and lenses ranging from the super wide angle to my supertelephoto lens for my work at the newspaper, I was looking for an original way to use one camera with a prime lens. In the 80's I used Leica M series equipment Goodmorning everyone. on January 1st 2021 I would like to start my one camera one lens one year project. after months of testing with various cameras and lenses I narrowed down the choice between these cameras: which of these would you recommend me? - pentax me super / pancolar jena 50/1.7 - rollei 35te 40/3.5 - kiev4 jupiter 8 50/

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  1. Using a cheap, older digital camera from 2013 with a cheap manual lens from 1979. A one year photographic journey to find out what photography is all about. Trying to be as diverse as possible with one focal length. 40mm APS-C = 60mm FF. Shot in jpg & fixed in Snapseed . @xftales on Instagra
  2. Subscribe One Camera, One Lens, One Year: The Beginning 20 January 2015 on photography, camera, lens, fuji, 50mm, x-e1, ocoloy, project, art. I've previously written about the use of my Fuji X-E1 and XF 35mm f/1.4 lens, and how it still doesn't feel completely natural.. This project is, in part, an attempt to overcome that. Mike Johnston of The Online Photographer wrote a post last year.
  3. 8. Buy experiences, not gear. Another practical reason to only own one camera and one lens, or shoot with only one camera and one lens is this — you waste less money on gear. Every new year, or every 6 months, there is a new camera, new model, or new update
  4. 1. A friend has come up with a challenge for me (For us if you want to join in) Here is the premise. One camera. One lens. One shot a month. Every quarter we will download our three best shots and at the end of the year compare our sets. He has chosen the Fujifilm 100x V

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  1. One camera, one lens, one year. I have dreamt of this for a long time, but the paid assigments and camera reviews prevented me from using just one lens. However, I arranged my life (our life, with my wife) a bit and decided to travel the world for a bit longer. We sold our house, cars and a few other items, so there is nothing to worry about.
  2. So, the New Year is nearly upon us and I'm seriously considering spending all of 2016 using just one film body and one lens. I've settled on TMax 400 and Kodak HC-110 for home development, but I am having a heck of a time picking which combination is going to be it for the whole year
  3. Here is the premise. One camera. One lens. One shot a month. Every quarter we will download our three best shots and at the end of the year compare our sets. He has chosen the Fujifilm 100x V. I am going with either the Leica Q or the Leica X Vario, I have not decided which as of yet
  4. One camera. One lens. One year. 23 hours ago 7 A friend has come up with a challenge for me (For us if you want to join in) Here is the premise. One camera. One lens. One shot a month. Every quarter we will download our three best shots and at the end of the year compare our sets
  5. By using one camera, one lens, and one film I can simplify my workflow so I can be out in any environment and do one thing: make pictures. This is how I apply myself every day, on the longest-term.

Another practical reason to only own one camera and one lens, or shoot with only one camera and one lens is this — you waste less money on gear. Every new year, or every 6 months, there is a new camera, new model, or new update Photography must be fun. So together with the big, long term projects, that somehow drain energy, I'm enjoying a One Camera, One Lens, One Year Project.For 2015, I'm shooting 70 pics per week and select, printing, 8 of them per month. I'm using just a small Ricoh GR (28mm f/2.8) and process the photographs to polaroid look&feel I'm giving the one camera my first go but I've always been a one lens per body guy. for 35mm I always go with a 50/1.8 or 50/1.4. Except with my current plain prism Nikon F2 which came with a 50/2 and I see no reason to buy a 1.4 for one extra stop Some photographers owned a couple of cameras and lenses, but would never bring more than one camera and one lens with them. Many photographers used the same gear for decades. The need for a bunch of cameras and a bunch of lenses is a fairly modern concept, as is the idea that a camera needs to be replaced every year or two

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The proponent said that the best way to become more creative in your photography (and less addicted to G.A.S. — gear acquisition syndrome) was to stick to one camera and one lens for a year. I thus stuck with my Canon 5D and my Canon 35mm f/2 for a year, and created the best work I have with my DSLR setup Part of the idea of this one camera one lens one year project is to take back control of picture taking - here is what I propose from the outset: 1. Leave the Mode dial permanently on 'M'. 'M' stands for Manual. This means I have to control the aperture and the shutter speed, the camera will not do it for me

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  1. I have been lucky to travel the world as a photographer and producer working for National Geographic. In this project, I decided to challenge myself and prov..
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  3. g!), and only black and white.Hopefully I'll learn something and quit blowing money on camera equipment. I'm shooting with a Fuji X-Pro2 and the XF35mmF2. 35mm in APS-C has a equivalent focal length of 53mm, so I.
  4. One Camera, One Lens, One Year This Album tracks my 2020-2021 Photo Project. Camera is a Fuji X-Pro2. Lens is the Fuji 35mm f1.4. (50mm equivalent
  5. I'm in the process of doing this. I'm traveling throughout Southeast Asia for 6 month and only want to take one lens/camera. I bought the Sigma 35 f/1.4 to take the place of my Canon 50 f/1.4 and 17-40 f/4 on my 6D

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  1. One camera, one lens. That's it. That's all you get for the next six months or a year. You might fight this at first, claim it's irresponsible even, but I can promise you that if you give it enough time this way of working will open your eyes to how little you actually need. Working this way is liberating
  2. So for a example a 16-50mm zoom lens, can shoot like a 16mm lens, a 17mm lens, an 18mm lens and so on and so forth all the way up to a 50mm lens. When I go on a Street Hunt, I take only one camera with one prime lens with me and leave the rest of my gear at home
  3. I think a lot of people nowadays would go for a 35mm lens as their one lens. Some might even go for a 28. If you look at high-end fixed-lens cameras by Leica and Fuji they tend to have one of.
  4. One camera, one lens, one film/preset, one year. The Number One Challenge is as simple as that, and at the same time incredibly difficult as well. This challenge, at the end of it, promises.
  5. 3. Canon EF 24mm f/1.4L II & Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L: I also have tried them, the quality of prime lens is really far better than zoom lens. Both lenses have big aperture, really help to shoot in low light condition. I love using prime lens but for shooting landscape & traveling sometimes I need wider focal length & a little bit focal range
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One Camera, One Lens, One Format: A Landscape Photography Challenge. by Alex Cooke. July 23, 2017. It's a great challenge. I shot a year-long documentary on a Credo 40 and an 80mm lens. It was. Lens can now identify more than one billion products—four times the number it covered at launch. THE CAMERA AS A TOOL FOR CURIOSITY When you're looking to identify a cute puppy or save a recipe, you know what you want to search for or do I did this one camera, one lens experiment once. In my case it was an M mount rangefinder and 35mm focal length, used exclusively for about a year. I really wanted to learn how to use the lens on a rangefinder. At the end of it all, discovered that lens is all I really needed (for me). Sold everything else In this blog I want to focus on the artistic/technical aspects of photography, and I will do it by exploring twelve themes/subjects, one for each month. Thirty days to produce thirty images on a subject, twelve months to explore twelve subjects, all with the same camera and the same lens: 365 Days of RX1 - one camera, one lens, 12 projects

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  1. Long time photography writer Mike Johnston has long extolled the virtue of OCOLOY - one camera, one lens, one year. I feel that, rather than seeing it as a restriction, the reduced set of equipment choices is very liberating. I spent many years using my Zuiko 35 and 50mm lenses for 95% or more of my photography (an 80-210mm zoom was the sole.
  2. The number one challenge. AB Watson 19/06/2017 Education. One camera, one lens, one film/preset, one year. The number one photography challenge is as simple as that, and at the same time incredibly difficult as well. This challenge at the end of it, promises to change your approach and style as a photographer
  3. Shop The Anamorphic Lens Here https://momnt.io/2WdaSNvCheck out the Anamorphic Write up on the Momentist https://momnt.io/2t1FLH5How to Desqueeze Your A..
  4. One Lens, One Body, One Dog's Day Living By The Sea. Author Ben Moon. Date 2021.04.09. Over the past year creatives have faced plenty of limitations due to the pandemic, but in Ben Moon's latest short film, the Sony Artisan shows there was still plenty of fun had with his pup in his own backyard. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to stay.

When I purchased this lens one year ago, Amazon was out of stock, so I ordered this from Linkdelight.com. I came back here to leave my review because, who doesn't read Amazon Reviews? Since then, this lens has been from NY to Oregon and Florida. It's small, light, and packs a wallop when it comes to images The horizon for Google Lens can only widen as hardware, software, and networks get smarter. The significance of using a visual approach to search was explained by Google Vice President Aparna Chennapragada in a blog post titled The era of the camera: Google Lens, one year in (December 19, 2018). At the beginning of the post, she reminds. One of the biggest complaints with cellphones today is the ugly camera lens bump that protrudes from the back of the phone. It may be unsightly, yet with today's technology involving curved lenses it's a necessary evil in order to zoom in on a subject and still produce sharp pictures

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If you are stranded on a desert island and can only have one camera lens with you, which lens would you choose? If your answer wasn't, A 50mm (or 50mm equivalent lens), then you might be wrong. The 50mm prime lens, or Nifty Fifty, is the one lens every photographer toting an interchangeable-lens camera should ownand use The Canon Snappy S is a low-tech camera with a decent lens, one button operation, and a built-in user-selectable flash. The 35mm F/4.5 lens is undeniably slow, but it makes punchy photos in good light and the flash helps when things get dark At 17oz, the camera is significantly lighter than the 68oz Nikon D800 plus lens (36.3 oz for the body, and 31.7 oz for a 24-70mm f/2.8). Of course, with a fixed 35mm f/2.0 lens, one simply doesn't have the focal variety of a zoom lens or compact with a zoom. Truth be told, I didn't miss having more focal lengths The Panasonic 30mm ƒ/2.8 macro lens was announced in February of 2015, and released later that year in May. The lens uses the Micro Four Thirds mount, and is compatible with both Panasonic and.

This camera lens combo is small, so I can carry it with me without hassle, it is high quality; by the way the manual focus feel on the 43 is the best of all the Pentax limiteds that I had a chance to play with in the camera shop, and the LX offers aperture priority AE, a feature that I feel doesn't hinder the learning process as long as one. A second new camera with the code WW728473 A third new camera with the code WW111327 New 35mm f/1.4 GM lens; Sony also registered a new wireless microphone; January-February should be exciting with likely the A9x (name uncertain) being the first new E-mount camera to be announced. Only after that one we will get the A7IV

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The Sigma 85mm 1.4: One Year Later. About this time last year, the Sigma 85mm 1.4 Art series lens was released and I went ahead and decided to pull the trigger and invest in the new glass. I had. ULANZI 1.33X Anamorphic Lens Filmmaking Phone Camera Lens,Mobile Phone Widescreen Movie Lens by Filmic Pro App for iPhone 11 Pro Max Pixel Samsung Galaxy OnePlus Filmmakers Full Cinematic Video 3.9 out of 5 stars 10

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One hour long Panasonic 25-50mm f/1.7 presentation at Lumix Live - 43 Rumors. OM Digital manager says: Expect new products but also new projects to be announced in autumn. First rumors about the GH6 having phase detection autofocus! OM Digital registered a new camera model. First leaked image of the new Olympus E-P7 and 8-25mm PRO lens Canon introduced two 110 cameras in 1975, the 110E, which had an f/2.7 zone focusing lens, and the Canon 110ED, which sported a 26mm f/2.0 lens (one of the fastest on a 110 camera), speeds from 8 seconds to 1/500, a rangefinder, proper hot shoe and a system for imprinting dates on the negative surface. The Canon 110 ED with front cover closed

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This is the most value for money lens one can get for a Nikon body. This small lens gives you excellent image quality and a sturdy built quality for such a budget price. I didn't find anything to complain about. This fast normal lens alone is sufficient for general purpose photography and can give you service for more than a lifetime The COOLPIX 100 was Nikon's first consumer digital camera. It launched in 1996 at around $500 and sports a one-third-megapixel sensor, a fixed 52mm equivalent lens, and one megabyte of memory Hurry Shop Now Opteka TELEPHOTO LENS & All Cameras, Computers, Audio, Video, Accessories. Save on Opteka Camera Lenses & other Opteka Accessories! Chat with our Experts One other thing for those who haven't actually read the TOP article - the exercise encompasses MUCH more than limiting ones camera and lens; one must shoot every day (as much as life will allow, anyway); one must make one print per day, etc. It's a 13 month regimen, not simply a limitation on gear As such, this year, I decided to take one single film, Bergger Pancro 400, one single camera, Hasselblad 501c, and one single lens, the 80mm F2.8 CF T*. I had shot a handful of Bergger Pancro 400 before this trip and really enjoyed the tones that it gave me

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Needless to say, this is what professionals really are after, quality glass, and this system has it in spades. The Topcor lenses are sought after to this day. In fact, I have even used the Topcor 58mm f/3.5 RE Macro Auto lens for the photographs of the camera itself in this review (apart the one of the lens itself) Introduced in 1969, the Mamiya C330 is a twin lens reflex film camera with interchangeable lenses and bellows focusing, making it relatively unique. There's some modularity as you can opt for a waist-level viewfinder or track down an eye-level prism or even one with a built-in light meter, and the focusing screen can be swapped out depending. Sony FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS Lens, 1-Year Warranty. Designed for full-frame E-mount cameras, this 28-70mm covers a versatile wide-angle to telephoto range. It also works on APS-C format cameras where it provides a 42-105mm equivalent focal length range. One extra-low dispersion glass element is featured in the lens design to help reduce. The Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM SLR lens for EOS Digital SLR's features a one-year warranty, a circular design that produces natural highlights, focusing capability to 9.5 inches, superior AF speed and performance, and 10-11mm wide-angle zoom lens with f/3.5-4.5 maximum aperture

Whether your lens is new or it's been hanging around in your camera bag for a while, focusing in on just one lens is a great idea. A really good lens to get started with on this project is the nifty 50 , that fixed focal length will force you to consider composition more carefully One lens. One lens.That's all I need to do landscape photography, and it's all you need too. For the past few months I've been using a very minimalistic setup consisting of one camera body (Sony A7r II), NiSi square filter system (usually with only a polariser and soft grad), a Sony tripod with more rust than a shipwreck, and one lens (Sony Zeiss 24-70mm f/4) The Gear. Fujifilm X-Pro2. 16mm f1.4. 35mm f2. The X-Pro2 and 35mm f2 lens are the integral part of my one camera one lens one year project. I'm used to this 'normal' field of view, so this combo will be in use for most of the trip. Wide angles are great for travel photography, hence the 16mm. I'll use it for architecture, the tighter. Even though Sony markets the 100-400mm as a GM lens and the 200-600mm as a G lens one step down, I don't notice any difference in build quality between the two (the 100-400mm is built in Japan, while the 200-600mm is built in a Sony factory in China). The 200-600mm is one of the highest-end G lenses, and it shows in the build quality Canon EOS R camera body with 24-105mm lens. This is Canon's first ever full-frame mirrorless camera. There's a lot of flashy new camera bodies hitting the market in 2018. It seems the ~ $2,000 (USD) is the magic price point. It's far enough away from smartphones, yet still reasonably enough for most serious hobbyists and professionals to.

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One final nicety is that there is an impressive 11 rounded aperture blade iris which retains a nicely circular shape with the lens stopped down. This further aids one of the great strengths of the 50II: gorgeous bokeh rendering. The examples below are at F2.8 (stopped down nearly 3 stops) and F5.6 (nearly 5 stops) On a trip a year later to the Amalfi Coast for a friend's wedding, I took the E along with a Pentax ES and some Takumar lenses - making the most of the Zenit's M42 mount. The shot you see below was taken on an SMC Takumar 55/1.8 standard lens, one of Pentax's standout primes from the early 1970s One Year with the Fuji X-Pro1. All images shot with the X-Pro1 and the 18mm f/2, 35mm f/1.4 and 56mm f/1.2 lenses. Processed in Lightroom 5. The above photo - taken a couple of days after grabbing the X-Pro1 with the bundled 18mm f/2 lens, that was when I kind of fell in love. It's plenty sharp with beautiful colours and a natural filmic. 720p HD Hidden Covert Camera Video Recording Pen. Full Color 720p HD Video with Audio with 72° Laser Cut Glass Lens. One button operation (Press one button boots-up and records automatically) Durable & Easy to Use. 3 Modes (Video & Audio, Audio & Photo) Records 10 min per 1GB. MicroSD Card Slot up to 32GB One area of real strength is that the lens can focus down to 1.15′ (35cm) and has a very useful 0.25x magnification figure there. Image quality is fairly decent there, too, for casual work. The 16-80XF has a constant aperture of F4, which is one stop slower than the F2.8 of the 16-55mm