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Professional Diploma In Computer Science. Sign Up Today & Get A Free 4 Week Course! Upgrade Your CV With Our Professional Diploma in Computer Science & Jumpstart Your Career This volume, Computer Science Curricula 2013 (CS2013), represents a comprehensive revision. The CS2013 guidelines include a redefined body of knowledge, a result of rethinking the essentials necessary for a Computer Science curriculum. It also seeks to identify exemplars o CURRICULUM FOR BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Minor: _____ COMPUTER SCIENCE 120 Specific Hours Required for Graduation (Effective Fall 2019) FIRST YEAR FALL SEMESTER SPRING SEMESTER Course # Cr Gr Course # Cr Gr CS 1152 (152L): Comp Prog Fund(1) 3 MATH 1522 (163): Calculus II 4 MATH 1512 (162): Calculus I 4 CS 2251 (251L): Intermediate Program 3. The computer science curriculum is based on three themes - abstraction, integration, and languages and paradigms. Abstraction. Abstraction is based on the concept of layers in which the details of one layer of abstraction are hidden from layers at a higher level. A computer scientist uses abstraction as a thinking tool to understand a system. Computer science is an established discipline at the collegiate and post-graduate levels. Oddly, the integration of computer science concepts into the K-12 curriculum has not kept pace in the United States. As a result, the general public is not as well educated about computer science as it should be, an

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  1. COMPUTER SCIENCE Louisiana Tech University Curriculum as of 2019 Name Date CWID Email @latech.edu SCH QTR CSC 130 3 R* COURSE SCH 131 3 R* 1 132 3 R* 2 220 3 R* 3 222 3 R* 4 265 3 R* 5 310 3 R 325 3 R* 330 3 R COURSE SCH 345 3 R 1 364 3 R 2 403 3 R* 3 405 2 R* 4 406 1 R 5 430 3 R 6 BISC 130 3 131 1 COMM 101 3 ENGL 101 3 102 3 210, 211, 212
  2. g techniques and the mathematical foundations of computer science, students take courses i
  3. The standards used for the Exploring Computer Science curriculum are based on the topics and goals outlined in A Model Curriculum for K-12 Computer Science developed by the ACM K-12 task force curriculum committee. Most of the objectives in the course align with the Level III course, Computer Science as Analysis and Design

Computer Science Transfer Curriculum 2017 . Computer Science Curricular Guidance for Associate-Degree Transfer Programs with Infused Cybersecurity . June 30, 2017 . The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Committee for Computing Education in Community Colleges (CCECC Science I (one intended for Computer Science majors, one for Computer Engineering majors, one for non-CE engineering majors, one for humanities majors, etc.). The courses are intended to be equivalent in content but have a broader appeal to those in di erent disciplines. The intent was to provide multiple entry points into Computer Science. Onc 153 Differentiating Computer Science Instruction CURRICULUM ALIGNMENT 157 Curriculum Alignment 158 Unit at a Glance EXAM INFORMATION 163 Exam Overview 172 Sample Exam Questions. Acknowledgments. 1 About AP. 4 AP Resources and Supports. 6 Instructional Model. 7 About the AP Computer Science Principles Course. 11 Introduction. 13 Course Framework. 2 | Massachusetts K-12 Computer Science Curriculum Guide WHAT ARE COMPUTER SCIENCE AND DIGITAL LITERACY? Steve Vinter Computer science (CS) is about designing and developing computing systems to solve problems. It is a science, so it comprises a set of ideas and principles. Computational thinking is the heart of CS as it pertains t

experts with experience as computer science professionals, educators, and in academia. This group drew on Microsoft's expertise as a world-leader in technology and a decades-long employer of computer scientists to understand what content is important to include in a computer science curriculum framework. It consulted academic research in th 6.0001 Introduction to Computer Science Programming in Python 6 6.042[J] Mathematics for Computer Science 12 Select one of the following: 9-12 6.UAT Oral Communication (CI-M) 6.UAR Seminar in Undergraduate Advanced Research (12 units, CI-M) Select one of the following: 12 6.01 Introduction to EECS via Robotics 6.02 Introduction to EECS vi

The courses in the first year of a computer science curriculum must serve the purpose of laying the founda-tion for the curriculum as a whole. Formal Methods is one such course. It is designed to teach a sound under-standing of proof and a skill in formal manipulation. Its immediate application is to programmin The Computer Science curriculum provides an introduction to the field of computer science to ensure successful transfer to a senior college Computer Science program. Students learn to construct, verify and implement algorithms by writing and running programs in standard programming languages. The curriculum GCSE Computer Science Curriculum Overview 2020-2021 Core aims of the subject at Key Stage 4 Computer Science is a subject in demand within in a globally competitive world. It has become an ever-growing part of human life, affecting many aspects of a person's day Computer Science Curriculum - Page 1 Mission Statements District Mission Statement: The mission of Pierce Public Schools is to provide quality programs and a quality staff for all students. We encourage community involvement and support in preparing all students t Computer Science Departmental Requirements. CSCI-BS. and. Prerequisite Structure. Effective Fall 2018. Minimum grade for a required CS course: C . Minimum grade for a required non-CS course: C- Residency requirement: At least 50% of the courses for the major . and 50% of the required CS courses must be completed at QC. Math 141 (3 cr) Linear.

found in computer science, statistics and mathematics o erings should be redesigned for the Data Science major for the sake of e ciency and of the potential synergy that integrated courses would o er The NBTE curriculum for ND Computer Science is available for download below. All that is needed of you is to click the download button and save to your mobile or desktop device for use at any time you deem necessary. To download the PDF file for NBTE curriculum for Computer Science, click on the download link below and save to your personal device Computer Science Model Curriculum for Grade 4 . Strand Computing Systems Topic Devices CS.D.4.a Explore external components (i.e., parts) of a computing system and their function to understand and describe the role they play in a computer system. Expectations for Learnin Individual courses are the building blocks of each degree program. Course requirements are structured to ensure that student study encompasses a broad range of topics and approaches, with an appropriate balance maintained among the three curricular components that comprise a liberal arts education: General Education, The Major, and Electives. The three components are described below

The national curriculum for computing aims to ensure that all pupils: can understand and apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science, including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation can analyse problems in computational terms, and have repeated practical experienc The Computer Science curriculum is expected to provide environments to put into practice, the principles and techniques learnt during the course of implementation of academic programme.:. Engineering Software Engineering. Information 3 CS Computer Science Education. of this curriculum is to articulate what the Computer Science discipline is, rather than how it should be taught. Scope Computer Science is so important (see Section 1) that: Every pupil at key stage 2 and key stage 3 should have the opportunity to learn material that is recognisably Computer Science

3 2017 Computer Science Curriculum Framework Introduction The Computer Science Standards of Learning Curriculum Framework amplifies the Computer Science Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools and defines the content knowledge, skills, and understandings that are measured by the Standards of Learning. The Computer Science Curriculum Framework provides additional guidance to school. All courses taken to satisfy major requirements (including the requirements for mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals, Technology in Society, and track) must be taken for a letter grade if the instructor offers that option. The minimum combined GPA (grade point average) for all courses in Engineering Fundamentals and CS Core, Depth and.

This piece of legislation on computer science education outlined the role of the Computer Science Subcommittee of the STEM Advisory Council in reviewing curriculum and materials for computer science: Section 8.1.i - Appoint a subcommittee on computer science. consisting of at least three members . to provide advice and recommendation Science elective (3) Free elective (3) H/S elective (3) Free elective (3) Free elective (4) Free elective (4) Courses in bold are required. The department also offers a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, allowing students to pursue a more traditional liberal arts curriculum while still majoring in CS A Level Computer Science Curriculum Overview 2020-2021 Core aims of the subject at Key Stage 5 Computer Science is a demand subject in a globally competitive world. It has become an ever-growing part of human life, affecting many aspects of a person's day VI. Computer Science. VII. And Relevant NTC/NBC & NVC Trades Plus JAMB Examination as resolved by National Policy on Education. b) A pass in Computer Foundation Examination (CFE) of Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN). The student must be prima fascia qualified as in (a) above. 4.0 Curriculum

Here we present you the Curriculum of Grade 12-XII of the subject Computer Science with Subject Code-Com. 332 NEB 2076/2020. Check and download in PDF file of Computer Science curriculum class 12-XII 2076/2020. 2076 New Curriculum of Grade 12-XII Computer Science Subject with subject code-Com. 332 and download it in PDF file. Enjoy! 1. Introductio Here we present you the Curriculum of Grade 11-XI of the subject Computer Science with Subject Code-Com. 331 NEB 2076/2020. Check and download in PDF file of Computer Science curriculum class 11-XI 2076/2020. 2076 New Curriculum of Grade 11-XI Computer Science Subject with subject code-Com. 331 and download it in PDF file. Enjoy Why study Computer Science? As a student in the Computer Science B.S. program at the University of Cincinnati, you will gain the skills to design, analyze, and develop technology to improve and modernize life for all. Some important areas of computer science are: the design of more powerful or more easily used computer languages; the design of. Computer Science Curriculum Revision . Background . Undergraduate programs in computing-related disciplines began to emerge in the 1960s. At that time there were only three kinds of computing-related programs: computer science, electrical engineering, and information systems. Each program covered a well-defined domai Curriculum for BSc in Computer Science This BSc program in Computer Science is designed for students who wish to graduate with a BSc degree with dual program designation. It is not intended to lead to a standalone BSc degree in Computer Science. When enrolling in this BSc program in Computer Science, students ar

Massachusetts K-12 Computer Science Curriculum Guide , a collaboration of DESE and EDC, helps school districts choose computer science curricula best suited to thei Major in computer science with the B.S. degree in applied arts and sciences. Minor in computer science. Certificate in geographic information science. Certificate in web and mobile applications development (refer to the Graduate Bulletin ). The Major Computer Science is the study of computers and their appli-cations BSAI majors will take courses in math and statistics, computer science, AI, science and engineering, and humanities and arts. There's also room built into the curriculum for academic exploration via electives. Here's how the curriculum breaks down Preliminary Draft curriculum of Computer Science, Software Engineering & Information technology. Also to make the curriculum compatible with international standards, satisfying indigenous demands as well as ensuring uniformity of academic standards within the country. 2

  1. Upper School Curriculum Computer Science: CPS303: E-imacs Ap Computer Science Students enrolled in ADV Computer Science at Cary Academy will take a course online through the Institute for Mathematics & Computer Science. From their course catalog: The course can be completed in eight months, allowing students time to review for and take the AP exam
  2. imum grade of C and a cumulative 3.30 GPA* (based on best attempt) for the following courses: Calculus I or Engineering Calculus I (MAC 2311 or MAC 2281
  3. The aims of the computer science standard level courses are to: • provide opportunities for study and creativity within a global con-text that will stimulate and challenge students developing the skills necessary for independent and lifelong learning • provide a body of knowledge, methods and techniques that char-acterize computer science

biology or life science) curriculum requirement for high school graduation (ORC 3313.603 (C)(5)). 5. Stipulates the requirements for licensure for educators who teach computer science courses (ORC 3319.236). Development of the Ohio Learning Standards and Model Curriculum for Computer Science is complete Curriculum and Prerequisites for the B.S. Degree COMPUTER SCIENCE 4 General Education Courses 3.5 Chem for Engineers CHEM 1050 From the Office of The Chair School of Engineering and Computer ScienceThe Elmer W. Engstom Department of Engineering From the Office of The Dean 0SeminarSenior EGGN 4010 Prerequisite Hardware Courses The Bible3 and the. In some ways, computer science is an overgrown branch of applied mathematics. While many software engineers try—and to varying degrees succeed—at ignoring this, we encourage you to embrace it with direct study. Doing so successfully will give you an enormous competitive advantage over those who don't Educating students in computer science is also beneficial to those not interested in the computer science field. With the digital age rising, there is a need to develop logical thinking and problem-solving which are all a part of the computer science curriculum. Students, regardless of interested field, must be avid in using computers whether.

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The Computer Science Major available through the College of Engineering will prepare you for a world of incredible opportunities. Our world-class faculty will challenge you to deepen your intellectual curiosity, and our curriculum will allow you to tailor your computing studies to your specific areas of interest in statistics, computer science, and mathematics. The practical real-world meanings come from interpreting the data in the context of the domain in which the data arose. For an undergraduate program, we envision a case-based focus and hands-on approach, as is common in fields such as engineering and computer science. 2.2 The B.A. in Computer Science is designed for students who prefer more space for interdisciplinary study with a double major or minor in another field while preserving a strong computer science background that is excellent preparation for a career in computing.. The B.S. in Computer Science is recommended for students who want to pursue technically focused careers that require strong. new certification area and tenure area for computer science in March 2018. The Department began engaging in conversations on developing computer science learning standards shortly thereafter, and when the law requiring standards was passed in April 2018, plans for development began in earnest. Process for Developing the Standard

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Restricted Electives in Science and Technology (REST) Requirement [can be satisfied by 6.004 and 6.042 [J] (if taken under joint number 18.062 [J]) in the Department Program] 2. Laboratory Requirement (12 units) [satisfied by 6.01, 6.02, 6.03 or 6.08 in the Departmental Program] 1. Total GIR Subjects Required for SB Degree A minimum of six credits in computer science numbered 132 or higher, including: 132, 190, 232 and 256. (Note: 190 is ½ credit.) Three additional computer science elective courses including: At least one course numbered 200 or higher. This course may be replaced by PHYS 213 or, with prior approval of the department, another appropriate course. Curricula Recommendations. In the decades since the 1960s, ACM, along with leading professional and scientific computing societies, has endeavored to tailor curriculum recommendations to the rapidly changing landscape of computer technology. As the computing field continues to evolve, and new computing-related disciplines emerge, existing.

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  1. B.S., Computer Science. <. Home / The Grove School of Engineering / Computer Science / B.S., Computer Science. Curriculum Requirements For Majors. Curriculum Grid. Suggested Sequence of Courses. Course Descriptions, Syllabi, and Course Outcomes. Undergraduate Bulletin. Grove School of Engineering, Office of Undergraduate Affairs (OUA
  2. imum number of courses taken while in graduate standing. The total
  3. Curriculum in Computer Science. Students must complete a sequence in either Literature or History. Because of the discipline specific requirements for the Humanities courses, it is recommended that a History sequence be completed in the Social Sciences courses. Courses for COMP Elective, Math Elective, Core Science Sequence, Science Elective.
  4. Computer engineers design computer systems that include a wide range of embedded systems, consumer products, telecommunication systems, microprocessors, and many others. Degrees: The Department of Computer Science offers the following degrees: B.S., Computer Science B.E., Computer Engineering (in conjunction with the Electrical Engineering.
  5. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) Sample Online Curriculum. The sample course of study below is based on the 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog. This is not an official advising document. It can serve as a guide for how your existing college credits may transfer to ODU. All efforts have been made to provide accurate program information
  6. To Declare Computer Science Major: Grade of ^C or better in: COP2220 and MAC 2210 in no more than two (2) attempts. Courses required for admission to MSCS program if bachelors degree earned in area other than Computer Science (see advisor and catalog for more details) Science Elective Choose 1 from: GLY2010C (4 credits) BSC1010/BSC1010
  7. At WGU, we designed our online computer science degree curriculum to be timely, relevant, and practical—all to ensure your online degree is proof you really know your stuff. Every course focuses on a set of clearly defined competencies that you must prove you've learned—through tests, papers, projects, or other assessments

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Get your Master of Science in Computer Science from NSU, and take your career to any industry, just about anywhere in the world. It's cachet backed up by practical, real-world skills to lead advanced projects, work in specialized roles, and manage entire systems, networks, and databases A Curricular Plan provides a roadmap for completing this academic program and the UB Curriculum on time. Your actual plan may vary depending on point of entry to the university, course placement and/or waivers based on standardized test scores, earned alternative credit and/or college transfer credit The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science enables students to enter the computing profession at a technical - scientific level or to proceed to graduate programs in Computer Science. It is a four-year program with a heavy emphasis on mathematics and the study of algorithmic processes to describe and transform information Curriculum The curriculum includes a set of core courses that provide a strong foundation in computer science. Moreover, the core provides breadth and depth in computer science. It is composed of 11 courses totaling 40 credit hours: Cours computer science is a rapidly evolving discipline. As with other subjects, inservice education is important to help cur-rent teachers adapt and integrate new computer science curriculum elements. Inservice education at the early stages of this curriculum imple-mentation can take many forms. In addition to school- and districtwid

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Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology Candidates for the four-year Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Technology degree are required to complete a total of not less than 200 credit points including at least 180 credit points made up of units from the table of core units and recommended units. Core Curriculum requirements: Students seeking the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science must fulfill University Core Curriculum requirements in the same manner as other students. The courses listed in the table below satisfy both degree requirements and Core Curriculum requirements; however, if these courses are taken to satisfy bot

The CS curriculum provides knowledge that is applicable across many fields, including many areas of engineering, science, and medicine. The core material of the computer science program has been streamlined into six classes that every CS student takes BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE (3023) B.127 ADMISSION Unless Senate decides otherwise, a student shall be required to meet the following criteria to be enrolled for the Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science - BSc (Computer Science): B.127.1 Minimum admission requirements for applicants who matriculated from 200 Grades K-8 Computer Technology Curriculum Committee. Curriculum Committee Chairperson . Tina Lauer, Instructional Technology Specialist . Curriculum Committee Administrator . the positive impact of the application of computer science to society as well as other di sciplines, particularly biomedical science. 7

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1: All Computer Science Core Curriculum requirements are shown in the suggested degree program. All Computer Science majors must take ENGL 1301, ENGL 2311, a Global Awareness course (3-hour), MATH 2413, PHYS 2325, CHEM 1303 or BIOL 1308 (Please refer to the Science Sequence option in the Natural Science Area requirements section), as part of the University Core Curriculum Clearly, a computer science curriculum must not, and doesn't have to, become a vocational training ground for the latest industrial programming language and programming tools. Superficial aspects of industrial practice change as fast as fashion trends. No academic department can switch it See Computer Science under Fields of Concentration in the Handbook for Students. Do any CS courses count for Gen Ed? Yes! To satisfy Empirical & Mathematical Reasoning, take CS1, CS20, CS50, or CS171. (Note that CS1 does not count toward a concentration or secondary in CS.) To satisfy Culture & Belief, take CS105 Computer Science Majors Curriculum for B.S. Degree in Computer Science (120 units) CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY, LOS ANGELES (Effective Fall 2021 Semester Term) Upper Division Major Requirements (31 units) CS 3035 Programming Language Paradigms (3) Prerequisite: CS 2013 with a grade C or bette

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Community Learning Centers program to provide high-quality STEM and computer science programs and maker8 activities to students in out-of-school learning settings and as part of expanded learning programs that meet certain conditions. Eligible entities may also use funds to carry out programs that foster innovation i FACULTY OF COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING CURRICULUM FOR POSTGRADUATE PROGRAMMES (Master in Information Technology) MASTER IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (MIT) CURRICULUM 1.1 Introduction This programme is a professional one that is designed to meet the requirement of the Information Technology Managers..

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Bachelor of Science - Computer Science Major (Four Year Plan) YEAR 1. Semester 1 Semester 2 Course Number Credit Hours Course Number Credit Hours ENG 1301 (Composition I)# P: One of the following: (1) TSI ESSAY score of 4 and WRITING score of 340, (2) TSI ESSAY score of 5 and ABE WRITING diagnostic level 4, (3) TSI WRITIN This document replaces the Computer and Information Science component of The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 9 and 10: Technological Education, 1999, and of The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 11 and 12: Technological Education, 2000. Beginning in September 2009, all computer studies courses for Grades 10 to 12 will be based on the expecta Computer Information Science Degree Curriculum (CIS) After completing the Core Technical Course Requirements in Areas I-V, students may choose from the following concentrations: Software Development, Microcomputer Specialist, Cyber Defense, or App Development with Swift Computer science is the foundation of this change and so the study of Computer Science at Leaving Certificate has become highly relevant to almost all aspects of modern li, and to every career choice. Computer fe Science is the f oundation, information technology is the a pplication and digital literacy is the i mplication of computing. Computer Science Curriculum. During the first two years, computer science majors should complete the following CS courses: 139/149, 159, 227, 240, and 261

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Computer Science promotes innovative thinking for socio-economic development and equips learners with knowledge of the evolving nature of technology, while applying research skills in Computer based projects 1.3 Summary of Content (Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes) Computer Science is a learning area which amon Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Degree Requirements The KU Core. This is the university-wide curriculum that all incoming undergraduate students will complete as part of their degree requirements. It comprises three general education goals and three advanced education goals. Associated with each goal are one or more learning outcomes

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computer science. The basics of computer science help nurture creativity and problem-solving skills, preparing students for a future in any field or career. What is Computer Science Discoveries? Computer Science Discoveries (CS Discoveries) is an introductory computer science course appropriate for 6th - 10th grade students. The curriculum. National Curriculum for Computer Science Grades IX-X and XI-XII, 2009 7 UNIT 2 FUNDAMENTALS OF OPERATING SYSTEM Contents and Scope Learning Outcomes/Skills The students will be able to: 2.1 Introduction i) Know the objectives of Operating System. (O.S.) ii) Get familiar with the functions of O.S..

Computer Science . College of Science 2019- 20. Program Progression Guides . Disclaimer: The . 2019-2020 Purdue West Lafayette catalog is considered the source for academic and programmatic requirements for students entering programs during the Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Summer 2020 semesters. Th With regard to the various curricular volumes in undergraduate computing education, the Computer Society has participated in each of the following: CC2005 - Computing Curricula. SE2014 - Software Engineering. CS2013 - Computer Science. CE2016 - Computer Engineering. IT2017 - Information Technology. CSEC2017 - Cybersecurity Digital Literacy and Computer Science Curriculum Guide, June 30, 2020 5 CONTEXT FOR USING THIS GUIDE This guide provides overviews of curricula that schools can use to engage students in learning of digital literacy and computer science (DLCS) concepts and skills that reflect the standards of the 2016 Massachusetts DLCS Framework. Each.

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high-school curriculum in computer science and supervising the prepa-ration of a comprehensive study program based on it. The new pro-gram emphasizes the foundations of algorithmic thinking, and teaches programming as a way to get the computer to carry out an algorithm Computer science is a dynamic, versatile field, full of open problems and opportunities for creative invention. Computer science is not just about tools and technology. Whether it is swarms of insects, elementary particles, rational agents in a market, or the neurons in the brain, the computational viewpoint has proven an extremely fruitful way.

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The Computer Science and Engineering program allows students to focus on the areas of software engineering, systems and networks, cybersecurity, theory and algorithms, data science, or bioinformatics. The CSE program is offered in cooperation with the Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The Electrical and Computer Computer Science Curriculum Planning Guide Page 3 of 3 Four-Year Plan This Plan illustrates how students can meet degree course requirements in four years. Some courses listed below may be taken in an alternate order. Courses fulfilling requirements are listed on the previous pages. For information about prerequisites and other program.

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Computer Science and Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Data science. The department also offers Ph.D. programmes in thrust areas. The department has attracted the best engineering aspirants and research scholars across the country. As the nature of Computer Science and Engineering has a never-ending cycle of innovation rooted in it, ou contribution to computer-science knowledge by investigating a topic that is recognized as significant. Additional Admission Requirements Bachelor of Science in computer science with a minimum GPA of 3.5 over the last 60 course credit hours of the undergraduate degree or Master of Science degree in Computer Science with a minimum GPA of 3.25


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Intro to CS A 14 week Introduction to Computer Science course. This course is targeted to middle school grades 6-8 (ages 11-14 years). It is also written for teachers who may not have a Computer Science background, or who may be teaching an Intro to Computer Science course for the first time Curriculum. EECS introduces students to major concepts in electrical engineering and computer science in an integrated and hands-on fashion. As students progress to increasingly advanced subjects, they gain considerable flexibility in shaping their own educational experiences. All EECS students* begin with a choice of an introductory subject. Sabre Kais, Professor of Chemical Physics with a courtesy appointment in Computer Science will be the lead director of the new Center for Quantum Technologies at Purdue. The center will be established through the NSF's Industry-University Cooperative Research program with Purdue as the lead institution Undergraduate Curriculum - College of Engineering & Applied Science. On this page. Majors & Curriculum. Undergraduate student Ryan Frasier working with fiber optics equipment in the Photonics lab run by Professor Arash Mafi. Civil Engineering students working with new concrete composites. <

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Computer Engineering; Information Technology (B.S.) Certificates. Cyber Operations Certificate Related Minors. Intelligent Robotic Systems (IRS), Interdisciplinary Minor Secure Computing and Networks Minor Advising Notes. The Computer Science program offers the Accelerated BS/MS Program to students of high academic standing 6-14: Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science The 6-14 curriculum builds primarily on the Calculus II GIR; not all courses require a GIR as a pre-requisite Algorithms 6.006 Programming #1 6.0001 Discrete Math 6.042 Programming #2 6.0002 or 6.009 Computer Science Subjects Econometrics 14.32 Microeconomics 14.01 or 14.03 Networks and. The Computer Science curriculum at Alabama A & M University provides students with an in-depth background in both the hardware and software aspects of Computer Science. The program area of computer science also offers individual courses and minors to students in other disciplines After the header, add a computer science resume objective, then work experience and education. Add resume extras like projects, publications, and additional activities to make jaws drop. Expert Hint: Use a computer science major resume PDF unless the job ad deprecates them

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