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For an employee group, executive sponsorship is more than the group's endorsement by senior management: a strong sponsor becomes the lifeline when times get rough. So when you go out to 'hire' your executive sponsor, also hire for the right attitude Executive Sponsors Fuel High-Performing ERGs a white paper by New York City-based diversity and inclusion firm Jennifer Brown Consulting (JBC), a Diversity Best Practices Solutions@ partner, is a must-read

What is the role of employee resource group (ERG) executive sponsors? It is a common question that organizations continue to define and redefine as the role of ERGs continues to evolve. Figuring out how to leverage company executives in ways that can lend credibility to ERG efforts, drive business and ensure group success are all matters that. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) Step 2: Secure an executive sponsor Whether the employees identify an executive sponsor for their ERG or the relevant approval mechanism assigns one, it is important that each ERG have a senior executive that will help champion the ERG's. Executive Champion Finding and committing an executive champion or sponsor to the ERG creates clear lines of communication between the ERG and the organization's leadership. Find a sponsor or advocate for the group in a senior leadership position - preferably someone who is personally connected to LGBTQ issues The study's findings identify the roles and best practices Executive Sponsors can embrace as they lead Employee Resource Groups to reach new heights of engagement, as well as produce and measure results-driven business improvements

Executive Sponsors Fuel High-Performing ERGs. Cover design. JBC. Since the inception of the employee network group concept several decades ago, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have evolved far beyond their original mission of providing community engagement and a safe space for underrepresented groups in the corporate world Executive Sponsors are difficult to engage or not Employee Resource Groups are no longer just social networks but are groups of individuals that strategically impact business. LIN and its members strive to expand market reach, contribute to business goals and increase employee Established a structured employee resource group board of directors and executive sponsor selection process Introduced a customized learning and leadership development program to enhance ERG board leadership acumen creating an incubator of future leadership talent to help drive the company's vision, mission, values and strategic directio Increasingly leaders in organizations are seeing the value of Employee Resource Groups, and developing more strategic relationships with them. This generally takes the form of executive sponsorship by one or more people in leadership positions, and who is often are not all members of the particular group the ERG represents Having the right executive sponsor is critical to the group's success. An involved sponsor can keep the group's mission focused on business goals and make sure the group has the right visibility within the organization. The sponsor should not run the group, however, but rather serve in an advisory capacity. D.Interaction With Senior Executives

So when I had the opportunity to become executive sponsor of Prism, Avanade's LGBT+* employee resource group, I jumped at the chance. I've always had close friends who identified as LGBT+ and I've been an LGBT+ ally for many years, so it was a natural fit An executive sponsor can often funnel the right support and resources toward ERG priorities. As employee-run groups, ERGs typically complement the company's formal inclusion work. Executive sponsors can help ERG leaders align their objectives with the overall corporate strategy for building a more inclusive workplace. 4 Executive sponsors are employees in leadership positions who advocate for an Employee Resource Group's needs to the executive team. They act as a liaison between the Employee Resource Group and the company's decision makers Each ERG should have an executive sponsor who is either in the C-suite or one level removed, who can advocate for the ERG's initiatives, clearing barriers and supporting them in achieving their..

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Successful Employee Resource Groups The Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion (EARN) is a resource for employers seeking to recruit, hire, retain and the Executive Sponsor and group representatives to share your ideas, obtain feedback, and build relationships. Find out Selecting Executive Sponsors for Employee Resource Groups. Published: 23 June 2020 ID: G00731197 Analyst(s): Asia HR Research Team Summary This tool will help executive leaders answer the critical questions around ERG executive sponsor selection, whether they are selecting an executive sponsor for the first time or reselecting sponsors for specific ERGs The Disability:IN ERG/BRG Leadership Committee has prepared this fact sheet to assist corporate disability Employee Resource Groups/Business Resource Groups understand how to best leverage the skills and connections that their Executive Sponsor possesses

How Executive Sponsors Can Support Disability ERGs/BRGs. February 6, 2017. By Nereida (Neddy) Perez NCLBN Board Member and Principal of D&I Creative Solutions. ­For more than 58% of corporations, nonprofit and government agencies with Diversity & Inclusion programs in place, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)/Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are. One best practice is to ensure that each ERG has a senior leader as their executive sponsor and full participant. Leadership support is crucial to ensuring the ERG is successful. Without funding, mentorship and career opportunities, an employee resource group will be limited in what it can achieve

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  1. The sponsor should keep the resource group focused on business goals and report back to the executive diversity council on progress. The sponsor should not personally be the group's leaders. At an increasing number of DiversityInc Top 50 companies, a portion of the sponsor's compensation is tied to the resource group's performance
  2. Executive sponsorship is an important part of a successful ERG program. Sponsorship from the executive team shows that the organization stands behind the ERGs and offers their support: guidance,..
  3. Executive sponsors must become more active, informed and engaged to help your ERG become an advancement platform. Equally, mentoring opportunities and protocols within the ERG must be more clearly..
  4. g a diversity leadership council through which they can share best practices and hold each other accountable
  5. An executive sponsor may be able to use their political capital to advocate for the resources the account manager needs to close a deal. And an executive sponsorship program focused on partnership can shine a light on outstanding account managers who may not be known to the leadership team
  6. A strong executive sponsor will make the success of the ERG their priority but without taking ownership or taking away autonomy of the group. They can empower your group and give it visibility..
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Benefits of an employee resource group. Employee resource groups are crucial to a company's diversity and inclusion strategy.A report from Bentley University finds that nearly 90% of all Fortune 500 companies have ERGs, and an average of 8.5% of employees at U.S. based companies belong to an ERG.. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 90% of companies examined helped make. employee-resource-group leaders (all of the DiversityInc Top 50 do this). Best Practices for Group Leadership Include: • Have a cross-cultural executive sponsor who is a senior executive of the company. • Select group leaders (D&I staff should do this in consultation with HR) who are talented people from various functions. • Give sponsors. The study's findings identify the roles and best practices Executive Sponsors can embrace as they lead Employee Resource Groups to reach new heights of engagement, as well as produce and measure. Procurement and Marketing. She is the executive sponsor for Accenture's Pride Employee Resource Group in New York and is transitioning to serve as the global sponsor of the network. She also serves as a co-chair for a Human Rights Campaign steering committee, is active in various non-profit organizations and is a member of the Ellevate Women' Feb 16, 2021 | Rik van der Kooi - Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Advertising and Executive Sponsor of the employee resource group Blacks at Microsoft. Black History Month 2021: One ally's perspectiv

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GLAD, the chemical industry's first LGBTQ+ employee resource group, was formed more than 15 years ago, to improve LGBTQ+ workplace equality. Executive Sponsor: Larry Ryan, President, Dow Growth Platforms and Technologies; North America oversigh Oracle Pride Employee Network Welcomes New Executive Sponsor. It's an exciting time for Oracle's Pride Employee Network (OPEN - LGBT and Allies) Employee Resource Group (ERG) as Christine Coats, VP of Legal Operations, takes on her new position as Executive Sponsor! Thrilled to continue supporting the group's mission to provide an. May 26, 2021 | Douglas Phillips - Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Azure Edge + Platform (E+P) and executive sponsor of the Military at Microsoft employee resource group. With honor, in gratitude: Recognizing the impact of the military community at Microsoft and beyon

He advises employees seeking executive sponsorship to have a sense of what they expect to achieve, the benefits to the company, and the resources they're asking for. In 2013, T-Mobile launched six employee groups, including its Pride and Allies Network. In advance of this, Holli Martinez, the Bellevue-based wireless operator's. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): Ask Catalyst Express. Oct 21, 2020. Many ERGs have evolved from purely social groups to entities that are closely aligned with business goals and career development. ERGs today typically work on recruitment, retention, career development, and skill-building. They address issues in the workplace, develop client.

Primary Sponsor's Role and Importance. Executives and senior leaders play an essential role as primary sponsors of change. They give the change credibility, authorize funding and resources, and perform important employee-facing activities. People in the organization look to these individuals at the top to demonstrate why the change is necessary. The Power and Purpose of Employee Resource Groups (Blog Post) June 19, 2019. More than 150 people from some 60 companies gathered on June 12 and 13 to learn and brainstorm about the future of employee resource groups (ERGS). It was Catalyst's fifth Employee Resource Leadership Initiative (ERLI), an annual conference for ERG leaders and.

The commitment to inclusion starts at the top. What is the business case for LGBT+ inclusion? How do employee groups help in building an inclusive culture? T.. There are a few support roles that can be valuable, including executive sponsors, HR Business Partner liaisons, and full-time employees whose job it is to support the networks Approximately 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies have employee resource groups (ERGs) and an average of 8.5 percent of employees in U.S.-based companies belong to ERGs, according to this overview. A workplace sponsor usually identifies employees that are perched on the entresol, the level between levels, waiting for the chance to rise into the executive ranks. Sponsors, usually already executive grade, take an interest in furthering the advancement of the employees with the most potential Business and Diversity Strategies. As discussed elsewhere in this guide, ERGs provide many benefits and exhibit what psychologists and systems theories call a multifinality of positive outcomes - in other words and in the context of ERG benefits, at least two birds for every stone so to speak.. Employee resource groups can become the catalysts of new recruiting efforts, professional.

This past July, the large global public accounting firm Deloitte caused quite a stir in diversity circles when its chairman shared that it was going to disband its employee affinity groups (often call employee resource groups - ERGs or business resource groups) and replace them with inclusions councils She is an executive sponsor for AsPire Illinois, the bank's business resource group for employees of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage with 1,000 members. Leong also is co-chair of the. As the co-executive sponsor of the Women's Association of Verizon Employees (WAVE) employee resource group, she is dedicated to eliminating any drivers of inequality and amplifying development opportunities for women to advance as leaders. Personal and educational background Nation's Top 25 Employee Resource Groups and Diversity Councils Honored at Orlando Conference. For Additional Information email Debbie Mitchell.. Orlando, FL (October 6, 2017)--The Nation's Top 25 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Business Resource Groups (BRGs) and Diversity Councils were honored at the 9th Annual ERG & Council Honors Award™ luncheon celebration today at the 2017 ERG.

Executive Director: Brad Harrington Employee Resource Groups: A Strategic Business Resource for Today's Workplace Definition Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have existed in organizations for more than 40 years. In the past 5 years, however, ERGs have evolved from network-ing groups that promote diversity and inclusion to become key. Raising awareness and providing a nurturing environment where women and minorities can do their best work is critical to successful diversity management. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are important to achieving this objective, and they bring to management's attention issues particular to their groups and to the welfare of Union Pacific

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Open to all Mayo Clinic employees, Mayo Employee Resource Groups (MERGs) celebrate, support and encourage diversity among employees. Mayo Clinic provides financial and administrative support and resources to ensure each group's success. Every MERG also has an executive sponsor, who serves as a mentor and advocate for the group's programs and. Eric is an Executive Sponsor of both the Veteran's and the Out & Allies employee resource groups. Eric has worked in the industry since 1990 and his experience has encompassed leadership positions in investment management, investment banking, leveraged finance and risk management Denny Galiano | Allen, Texas, United States | Senior Director - Business Partner - Executive Sponsor Veterans Employee Resource Group (ERG) at Experian | Over 25 years of Information Technology. The evidence is overwhelming that employee resource groups are good for business. Shelton Goode. As we all know, the demographic profile of the United States is shifting rapidly, with minorities.

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Kirsis serves as the executive sponsor for the company's Employee Resource Group for LGBTQ+ Employees and Allies, which fosters engagement in the areas of training and education Employee resource groups (also known as ERGs, affinity groups, or business network groups) are groups of employees who join together in their workplace based on shared characteristics or life experiences. ERGs are generally based on providing support, enhancing career development, and contributing to personal development in the work environment. In the past, ERGs have traditionally been. Over 90% of the Fortune 500 have Employee Resource Groups. When ERGs are properly established, they can impact much more than just the group's members. They can act as your customer's focus. Talent Programs: Participation metrics and practices for formal mentoring, formal sponsorship, employee resource groups and high potential programs Workplace Practices : Practices and metrics related to talent acquisition, talent management, onboarding, diversity training, workforce development and engagement, LGBTQ inclusion, people with.

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Ten percent of executive compensation is linked to diversity goals, which are evaluated as part of performance reviews. 30 Criteria include being an executive sponsor of an employee resource group, being a cross-cultural mentor, and recruitment and promotions in the executive's area of responsibility So while marginalized employees can start these resource groups, organization leaders need to act as executive sponsors, working with them and investing in them. Investing in employees' success.

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Last year around this time, the Pride Employee Resource Group celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riot and how Pride has always been more than a parade. We used this historical event as a reference to shed light on how Pride Month allows the LGBTQ+ community and our allies, to find connection, visibility, validation, and. The AdobeProud Employee Network is for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer colleagues and allies. Founded on unity, love, and strength, the group works to protect LGBTQ+ rights in the workplace, support each other, and engage in community events. What we do

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VETNET serves as a resource, advocate and network for BNY Mellon's veterans, military spouses, family members and their colleagues. VETNET members are active in every phase of the ERG's mission and the company's support for veterans, including: recruitment, sponsorship, mentorship and career development of veteran employees, internal recognition of the value of military service and external. WIN formed in 2018 as a business resource group to: Support the professional development of immigrant state employees. Recommend strategies to advance recruitment, retention, career progression, and leadership development. Educate state agencies on the experience, skills, and knowledge of immigrants and the value of a diverse workforce ‎Stacy Ybarra, vice president of Marketing and executive sponsor of women and diversity employee resource groups at Lighthouse, joins Bill and Rob for the very first episode of season 7 to discuss how diversity feeds innovation in ediscovery. Stacy was recently nominated for Relativity's Inclusion B

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Over 90% of Fortune 500 companies have Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), yet how many of them truly gain traction within their organizations? We will review how Leader & Executive Sponsors play three (3) Key Roles in building successful ERGs while reviewing a business case study Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are one of the key drivers of our overall D&I Strategy. They are voluntary, grass-root groups, self-governed by employees, and operate under the advisory of the Diversity Council and an Executive Sponsor. The ERGs are expected to be comprised of individuals that have similar interests or experiences and would. Employee resource groups (ERGs) at the St. Louis Fed are flourishing. As an executive sponsor, I've realized one of our most important responsibilities to the ERGs is to learn and understand. As a member of the Bank's senior management, I am an executive sponsor to one of the ERGs: last year the Asian ERG, this year Central Pride engaged executive sponsor— with a vested business interest in the project from kickoff to close—can mean the difference between success and failure. Indeed, one of the most common reasons why projects fall short is a lack of executive sponsorship and management buy-in, according to the KPMG New Zealand Project Management Survey 2010.i I CORE would like to welcome our new SLAC executive sponsor, LCLS Director Mike Dunne. Mike succeeds our previous executive sponsor, SLAC CFO Suzanne Davidson. We'd like to thank Suzanne for her tremendous leadership and support over the past two years in helping CORE run its two tentpole events, the Greene Scholars Program Summer Science Institute and the Multicultural Food Festival

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Employee Resource Groups. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) bring employees together while strengthening our inclusive workplace, enhancing personal development and acting as a resource for our business to help meet our customers' needs. Allies — or employees who support groups other than their own — are a critical component of each ERG The Power of Employee Resource Groups in the Workplace. Blog. October 31, 2018. The heart of any organization is its staff. Employees carry out the mission of a company, they interact directly with customers, and they are responsible for the level and quality of output. Basically, employees make or break an organization In celebration of #PrideMonth, Joe Davidson, executive sponsor of our #LGBTQ employee resource group, reflects on our commitment to make a difference